"We know that your choice of wedding flowers will be one of the most important decisions that you face, when creating the most memorable day of your life."

At Savannah-Floral-Boutique, we are able to offer a truly friendly and personal service, taking real attention to detail.

As we do not have any of the distractions that most high street florist shops face. We both have the time to get to know you, understand your style, your ideas, your colour scheme and theme, because every wedding is unique to each individual couple.

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"We will offer you understanding, practical advice and guidance through the confusing choices, which you will face".

"We purely just want to visualize your dream wedding and transform your ideas into a reality".

The items that we produce are:

Corsages: from £4.50 to £8.00

Favours: from £3.50 to £6.00

Button holes: from £1.75 to £4.50

Bride bouquet: from £60.00 to £120.00

Bridesmaid bouquet: from £25.00 to £60.00

Bridesmaid Wands: from £15.00 to £35.00

Sweet trees: from £25.00 to £120.00

Table Displays: from £15.00 to £120.00

Church flowers: due to the requirements needed

Venue flowers: due to the requirements needed

Reception: due to the requirements needed

We can also do the following:

Mother bouquet: start from £22.00

Mother-in-law bouquet: start from £22.00

Champagne & flowers: start from £40.00

Wine & flowers: start from £30.00

Chocolate & flowers hamper: start from £30.00

Food hamper: start from £30.00

Childrens gift hampers: start from £6.00

Glass vase with plant: start from £30.00

(We do not charge for function set up, or delivery fee's)

Red Rose Bouquet with Butterfly            Green Hand Held Bouquet            White Table Center


Delivery to all East London & Essex Areas