Contract Flower Displays

"We can supply clients with fresh floral designs, artificial displays and foliage plants, with the option to use our own containers, which can be hired from us".

The fresh floral displays: Can be used for a single function, or based on a contract. (If used on a weekly basis the floral displays will be updated with new fresh flowers, maintained and restored, with the added option of having a new design). 
Artificial floral displays: Will be changed with an updated design every 2-3 months, (as the displays lose shape, form, colour and collect dust).
Plant displays: Will be maintained every week, by removing dead foliage and watered. (If a plant is not to our high standard, it will then be removed and a new plant will be installed). 
All of this work carried out, is due to an agreed contract.

Modern White Design

We are devoted to the following:

  • Themed events and parties. 
  • Hotel flowers.
  • Marquee events.
  • Restaurant table flowers.
  • Conference areas.

With our professional service, we are constantly producing innovative designs; by using new methods, techniques and materials, (we can also produce traditional styles). 

You will be assured that the floral designed display, will not only look fabulous but it will also create atmosphere and spark up conversation.

Our floral displays will transform the interior space of your establishment, with the added elements, of colour coordination, artistic flair and being visually delightful. 

Clients/customers and members of the general public, will form a high regard towards your business.

Savannah-Floral- Boutique's main objective, is to listen to the clients requirements. We discuss ideas, give advice and suggest other alternatives, including any other issues that may arise. During this meeting, photos of the area in question will be taken, discussions, ideas and notes will be taken concerning the following aspects:
  • The number of displays needed.
  • The flowers.
  • Where they have to be positioned.
  • The colour scheme.
  • Dimensions. 
  • Container style.
  • Delivery date and time slot.
  • Parking details, for the delivery.
  • The budget. 
  • Confirmation for a second appointment.                        

Whie Floral Design                  Salmon Rose in Modern Glass Conatiner                 Foliage in Bottle Vase

During the second appointment, we will show and discuss two different options, these visual samples will relate to the clients needs and ideas, (relating to the previous meeting). With the clients confirmation and agreement, the contract of work shall then proceed.                                               

All our work is produced to the highest standards, as we only use the best materials available, including quality flowers and foliages direct from London Covent Garden flower market. We organize a professional service at competitive prices. This will reflect on our client's satisfaction and contentment received by the personal service and the creativity of our floral displays.

Foliage & White Flower in Bottle Vase

Delivery to all East London & Essex Areas